Rachel had been in an off and on relationship for 14 years

She had been off an on in a relationship with her man for 14 years. When she joined my program, she was done with the back and forth,

Done with the uncertainty,

And DONE with being alone.

She joined my manifestation course and worked with me privately and within a month, he showed up for her saying that ‘she’s the one’ and that he wants to spend his life with her!

They are now planning their future together and she's so happy to finally know he's her Future Husband!


Let's Create the Passion and Connection in Your Soulmate Relationship!!

Who this is for:

👑 If you want to finally have complete confidence in your relationship,

🚫 If you want to stop feeling abandoned,

🚫 neglected,

🚫 drained,

🚫 frustrated,

🚫 stop second-guessing yourself,

🚫 and feeling like you are not enough...

👑 And you want to feel so confident in your relationship,

👑 If you want to know this is going to work,

👑 if you want to feel loved, if you want to feel like the King or Queen you are,

👑 if you want to finally start getting what your heart wants and needs!!!!!

👑 and if you are ready to DECIDE that you ARE going to have the life and the love you crave.

How it works…

This will be held in a private Facebook group and I'll be going LIVE each week at the beginning of the week with a new training.

You'll have the chance to jump on LIVE and ask questions as we go or you can catch the replay and I'll go back and answer all of the questions.

I'll also have a second live each week for any additional questions or things we need to go into deeper.

There will be shared documents with notes and workbooks you need to go deeper on your own between calls.

The Ultimate Relationship Academy

8 Weeks to Manifest Passion and Connection with Your Soulmate

You oscillate between ‘fuck this shit I can’t take it one more day’ and ‘no it’s not that bad-I have a better relationship than most people-I just need to do more meditation’

Really, you have a perfect life.

And it’s normal for people to grow apart.

You know they love you.

That’s not even a question.

But the passion and connection just isn’t there.

On the other hand you know this is something inside of you that needs to change because you know all about personal growth and how it works (even though they OBVIOUSLY also need to show up differently)

And so you focus on your growth.

On your business

On your personal journey.

On your health.

But that frustration and anger keep coming up.

So you ignore it.

Ignore your relationship.

You stay busy.

Things feel better.


But here’s the other thing.

You HAVE a perfect life.

Everything really IS great.

Are you just not being grateful enough?

And then you feel guilty.

Guilty for wanting out.

Guilty for not trying harder.

What MORE do you want?

How COULD you change it?

You can’t figure it out.

No clue how to really make a perfect life better and start getting what you want.

Well, unless they start showing up differently.

So you do more meditations. Yoga. Personal development. Therapy.

Look. You’ve been in this cycle for 5+ years now.

It’s not working and it’s not going to work the way you are doing it.

You don’t need more yoga, meditation, therapy…

You are just lying to yourself and you know it.

It’s NEVER going to work.

You need a solution.


I have that solution.

I know how to draw your partner back to you.

I know how to help you figure out what you really want in your relationship and how to help you get that exact thing.

I know how to create that soulmate connection you’ve been longing for so long.

I know how to reignite the passion between you.

I know how to bring a relationship back from the thoughts of divorce

And I know how to totally get rid of that anger and frustration.

And I know how to change this for you FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

It IS possible and I'll show you how...

Here is what we cover: 

How do you believe again - Feelings fade. Trust gets broken. And hearts get crushed. 

There was a time when we stopped believing in love, stopped believing that someone would love us the way we want and need to be loved. We stopped believing in soulmates and passion and we started choosing safe partners (someone who wouldn’t cheat or leave us), instead of what our heart longed for - true love and passion. We started to believe that if passion fades, we need to just be “realistic.” But somehow we still ended up feeling neglected and abandoned… feeling like no matter how hard we try or how much we give, we still aren’t enough. Love and relationships are not meant to be like that, and they don’t have to be - I don’t care how long you’ve been married. What you believe determines what you are getting in your relationship. How do you change that belief? Let’s do that now. Because THIS is where you will have some big ah-ha moments about WHY you've been stuck in bad relationship patterns.

Let's remove your LOVE BLOCKS! - You’ve experienced those blocks! We all have… not getting the love we crave from our partners… trying and trying… knowing you love them and they love you and yet… feeling like love just isn’t enough. Let’s take a look at your energy and your energetic availability because HERE we can remove blocks that you’ve never noticed. And the thing is, DOING this is going to keep you from being depleted! THIS is going to allow you to finally attract the right person into your life AND push away the wrong people!

Stop repeating old patterns - You KNOW why you are where you are and you know there IS truth behind your past and all of the pain you’ve been through and even those annoying patterns that KEEP HAPPENING! Let’s dive deep into your stories and WHAT IT TAKES to actually write you a NEW story with a happy ending! THIS is going to allow you to start trusting again so that you can create that passion and connection you’ve been longing for!

How do you finally get what you want when all you've been experiencing is neglect - You already know how to manifest! Yes! You’ve been doing this your whole life, but a lot of times we aren’t manifesting what we want - that soulmate relationship. We keep manifesting the same problems over and over again… and while that may be discouraging on one hand, when you sign up for this course it becomes super powerful because I will show you HOW to manifest what you want. Meaning, you already have the power inside of you, you just need to redirect it. (and no, you probably can’t do this on your own honestly. You’ve tried to do this on your own your entire life and you DO need help. Love you!) THIS is a secret key to manifesting that will allow you see why you can manifest something and then it will be 'taken away.'

How to let go of control and struggle and let it be easy - Let’s be perfectly honest here…All the work you are doing currently... in your relationship or to find your soulmate - is actually pushing away your soulmate. The kind of ‘work’ you are doing is running you down, wearing you out, and making you feel depleted and frustrated. I did this. I did this in my marriage(12 years, and we all know how that ended), in my last two relationships, and it didn’t work AT ALL. I’m sure you are thinking, “yeah, Nichole! I’m putting so much into this and it’s NOT working,” Right. Ok, so let’s talk about the kind of work that works 😂 And I have amazing news: It’s NOT more vacuuming or taking out the trash!

How to trust in love and in someone again - I know you’ve trusted people or believed in people and they haven’t been there in the way you wanted or needed them to be. My ex-husband had cheated on me. That made it hard to trust him - in fact, I never did. And my parents split up right after I got engaged. They were the couple that everyone looked up to. They showed people that marriage was possible - and then… well, they split. The meaning you take away from those things determines how you are going to be in your relationships and unless you know how to Flip the Switch (which took me almost 20 years to do!) then you are basically going to keep manifesting short term relationships or uhhh… partial relationships (I just made that term up) - partial relationships means where you are married but essentially alone. Let’s get out of all that and manifest your soulmate relationship now. We are going to talk about why you are getting short term or partial relationship and how to Flip the Switch on that to manifest your soulmate relationship. 

Bringing your soulmate vision into reality - I know you are thinking, “BUT NICHOLE, HOW DO I GET WHAT I WANT?” Ok, maybe you are nicer than I was, but that’s what I was thinking. Essentially, you want to get what you want and need out of the relationship and NOT from being greedy! You are FAR from greedy, but you GIVE so much and you are really trying to make it work and it’s just… NOT working. I get it. Believe it or not, there IS a way to shift your relationship so you can get what you want and what you need. I KNOW you think you’ve tried everything - but you haven’t. I’m going to work with you on this, because this is the exact shift I had to make to remove the energetic block between me and my future husband (I still get excited when I say ‘future husband’!)

Stop running yourself down in your relationship and start Receiving love, affection and intimacy - I know you’ve been through a lot and I know that some of it may be heartbreak or trauma, and when we go through that we create an energetic block around us to keep us safe - which is great on one side of things, but it also keeps out things we want - like love, our soulmate, money… Now we still need to keep ourselves safe but we need to allow ourselves to receive the good things we want. How do we heal and then resolve that inner conflict? That’s exactly what I’ll show you!


❤️ The Ultimate Relationship Academy❤️ Officially starts September 7! Where you will get ongoing private access to me in the group.

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Sarah came to me right after a breakup.

The problem was, she knew he was her soulmate but she was sabotaging the relationship with her neediness and insecurities.

We worked together to heal from her past that brought up her insecurities and worked on her confidence.

In a few months, they were talking again, he was asking her on dates and she’s going  with him to Colorado for Christmas to meet his family.


Her relationship was in crisis

Came to me right when her relationship was in crisis. She didn’t know if she should stay or go. She was devastated.

She thought there was no way to work something like this out, but she also knew he was her soulmate.

We worked together privately  to figure out what was truly right for her.

And she was able to work things out, stay with him and within a few months they were engaged!


You’ve been stuck in the same relationship pattern for years.







Almost 20 years the problem followed me through my marriage, into my next two relationships.



Feeling alone...

Work was more important than me...

Feeling like something was wrong with me...


Feeling like I needed to do more, be more, change something about me... 

And so I did. 

I tried keeping my mouth shut (and 'being nice' - I don't do that anymore)

I tried saying something...

I tried being direct...

I tried being indirect...

I tried counseling, books, audios, I tried it all... I even tried divorce and a new relationship.

THAT didn't even work. 

WTF does a girl got to do to get attention around here?!

And where is my soulmate!?


I hadn't tried it all.

I hadn't tried the one thing that would work....

Deciding that I was DONE with the problem and then deciding that I was all-in on the relationship.

And it's true...

My ex-boyfriend and I broke up, went to counseling to fix the problem and we FIXED it. We got the love, trust, and intimacy and in the end... He left. He moved to Germany for a job. (still love him, he's an amazing man, so much respect)

But it wasn't about him. It was never about him. It was about FIXING THE PROBLEM. 

And we did.

And after he left, I continued to work on myself to fix the problem.

So after 20 years of CHOOSING to keep this problem,

I finally decided to be done with it,

did the work, and

May 31st, 2019 I manifested my future husband.

And I’ve been teaching thesis to my clients.

I’ve been helping clients change their relationship patterns of attracting unavailable men.

helping them finally create committed relationships with men who ‘just weren’t that type’


Saving marriages from the brink of divorce.

Over and over again.

I have total certainty in my relationship for the first time ever.

And this is totally possible for you - even if you’ve been trying to figure it out for years.


👑 If you want to finally have complete confidence in your relationship,

🚫 If you want to stop feeling abandoned,

🚫 neglected,

🚫 drained,

🚫 frustrated,

🚫 stop second-guessing yourself,

🚫 and feeling like you are not enough...

👑 And you want to feel so confident in your relationship,

👑 If you want to know this is going to work,

👑 if you want to feel loved, if you want to feel like the King or Queen you are,

👑 if you want to finally start getting what your heart wants and needs!!!!!

👑 and if you are ready to DECIDE that you ARE going to have the life and the love you crave -

Ready to Flip the Switch?

❤️ The Ultimate Relationship Academy ❤️ Officially starts Monday! Where you will get ongoing private access to me in the group.

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Leaving a toxic relationship

Kyle came to me a little over a year ago when he wanted to change his toxic relationship. 
He wanted support through figuring out if he should stay and make it work or if he should leave.

She kept promising to change. Could she change?  He really wanted to do the right thing…
And he really wanted to be happy again…

Over the course of 6 months, we worked on his confidence… Healing old wounds… Breaking old relationship patterns… Changing old beliefs…

He got better, but the relationship got worse…
He kept hoping for the potential in the relationship.
She gave him reason after reason not to trust her until finally, he had the strength and confidence to walk away.

It was as if he just flipped the switch and he was done.
No more doubt.
No more regret.
Just an inner knowingness.

He is NOW in a healthy, happy relationship!

Andrea learned how to be a powerful manifestor when it came to her relationships and she started attracting high-quality men

Andrea was good at manifesting but just not when it came to relationships. She was manifesting everything she DIDN’T want in relationships. 

After working with me, it became clear why she was manifesting what she didn’t want and she learned exactly what needed to shift for her to be able to manifest her soulmate relationship. 

Q & A

Q. What days and times are the live sessions going to be?

A. The trainings will be dropped in on Monday mornings. The Q&A sessions will be scheduled towards the end of the week and based on the availability of the group. 

Q. For those 8 weeks do I only get to ask you questions during the live Q&A sessions?

A. You can ask your questions on the LIVE stream or ask me your questions before the LIVE stream if you can't make it, but I also encourage you to ask questions DAILY in the group. Manifesting is a daily practice and I want you to start asking for what you want and what you need. 

Q. Is this right for me or one on one better given that I want to work on EVERYTHING - my soul alignment, relationship, health, money? 

A. I think that this would actually be a really good fit for anyone who wants to work on all those things or just one of those things. In fact, I think this is a crucial foundational piece you need to make all of those things work. 

Q. What if you don’t have a business but are working for a company where you aren’t getting a salary you deserve?

A. You can apply what I teach to that as well. I have had my clients get promoted, sell their companies and get jobs they love where they are being paid crazy amounts.

Q. I know you talk about finding your soulmate, but will this help me if I am already in a relationship and want to find true love again?

A. Yes. That's why I say 'manifesting your soulmate relationship' because it is for anyone who is not in a relationship and people who are in some sort of relationship. What I am teaching will help you become a match TO YOUR SOULMATE and therefore will work in any situation. What I teach has helped people get out of toxic relationship, manifest their future husbands after being on and off for 14 years, manifest their engagement, and heal their marriages. 

Q. I know you work with entrepreneurs. Will this helpme manifest money in a situation where I am working for an employer?

A. Absolutely. This applies if you are working for a company.

This has helped people sell businesses that were burning them out, find new career opportunities, get promoted, and manifest up to $24k in unexpected bonuses.

If I say something in a video and you are unsure how to apply it to your situation, ask and I'll give you specific help for those things. Once you know and understand these concepts, you will be able to change your entire life in a SAFE way for your subconscious.