What if you could:

Make a quantum leap in your relationship - be in a soul-connected, soul-led passionate relationship with someone you deeply trust and who loves and adores you.

Step fully into your purpose and calling and make money by following your soul - Create the life you want to be living and have your soul-led business support you.

Feel alive and vibrant again - be able to manifest health, energy, vitality so you can intimately connect to your soulmate every day, and so you can run a soul-led business and be making the impact and income you desire.

And what if... You knew how to Flip the Switch inside of you to make all of this happen?

Dear Love,

That perfect life isn't as great as you thought it was, is it?

I know you think you can’t live the life you want to because other people expect you to live a certain way or do a certain thing.

I know what it’s like to convince yourself you don’t know what you want because you think your dreams are ‘unrealistic’ and so you settle for a marriage that is safe or looks good on paper and you pick a career because it’s secure and you won’t have to worry about money.

I know what it feels like to leave your soul behind.

I know what it’s like to have the perfect white-picket-fence life and be depressed, having anxiety attacks and loath yourself. 

And I know what it’s like to hide all the pain behind that perfect life. 

And I can tell you, it’s all a lie. 

I know you think your depression and anxiety are normal and you don’t see a way to be truly happy because you have this perfect life.

I also know you have so much shame around being unhappy and people tell you that you should be more grateful because you have it all. 

But they don’t know, do they?

They don’t really know the life that you live? 

Those secrets you keep?

And what keeps you up at night?

But I do. 

I know about the drinking, the porn addiction, you constantly looking over your shoulder to make sure no one finds out. I know you keep telling yourself, “You can’t keep living like this” while still looking for ways to ‘hold it all together’. 

I know you want out. 

And I know you talk yourself into staying. 




And I know you are tired of it all. 

But the reason you don’t leave, let’s be honest here… 

The reason you don’t leave is because…

What if it doesn’t get any better than this? 

You’ve put in so much time to build this perfect life and you still aren’t happy.

Maybe there’s something wrong with you. 

And so you try doing your gratitudes.

You try doing more yoga.


Trying to find that connection - that life force that used to run through your body.

That excitement. 

But wait. 

You don’t even feel anything anymore - well, nothing except exhaustion. 

But you don’t feel happy. 

You don’t feel excitement. 

You don’t feel joy. 

You just feel numb and exhausted. 

And it’s THAT feeling.... That feeling of NOT FEELING… that is the worst part of this whole thing. 

You feel dead inside. 

That’s it. 

That’s the real problem. 

Yeah there are problems with your marriage, but they are normal. Aren’t they?

And you don’t love your job. But you’re not really supposed to love your job anyways, are you?

And you aren’t as fit and healthy as you would like. But that’s normal at your age, isn’t it?

But the real problem is that dead feeling. 

That’s it. 

You need motivation. 

Maybe that’s what you need. 

How do you get more motivated, because then you would have energy to work harder and change ALL these things.

But that exhaustion. 

More caffeine? Adderall, maybe? Try harder? Work more? 

But... Love? 

You’ve been at this for YEARS. 

It’s not working. 

I know because I was you. 

I lived this life - this nightmare. 

And I’ve gotten myself out of it and it wasn’t by trying harder. 

In fact, that only made it worse.

But I fixed all of this by:

Living in alignment, and

Following my soul.

I know this sounds a bit woo, especially for us logical people, but I promise it isn’t. 

You just have to be so DONE with living your life this way…

And be so READY to ‘have-it-all’

And I mean the soulmate, passionate relationship…

The purpose based business with soulmate clients…

The healthy, fit, energetic body that you love…


The pure joy that wells up inside of you. 

And I know this seems so far from your reality now, but it’s so possible for you. 

But you have to be SO DONE with living your life this way before it can happen. 

(Basically, you need to be at this ‘fuck-this-shit-moment’)

The question now is...

Are you ready?

Why I created this & What’s possible for you:

I lived a life that was perfect on the outside and yet, inside I was in so much pain. But I thought it was ‘normal’ and I thought that ‘this was the best I could get’ because ‘I had it all’.

But it doesn’t matter how successful you are or what you’ve achieved if you don’t feel that excitement and joy every day when you get out of bed.

On the flip side of that, I gave up everything so I could ‘find happiness’ and while that ‘worked’ in some respects, having nothing didn’t make me happy either (you really can’t be happy being homeless and eating out of dumpsters for every meal, no matter how much of an adventure it is!).

I came back to rebuild my life, but this time, from my heart and soul. I started making changes and decisions I would never have made before - and these were small decisions that, looking back, I could have made when I ‘had it all’ in my past relationship.


Wherever you are right now, whatever you are going through and no matter how ‘perfect’ your life is from the outside looking in, there is a way to totally transform your your life so you feel the excitement, joy and passion AND have-it-all - the soulmate, the passion-based business and the 6-pack abs.

Who is this for?

  • You are tired of being in a relationship that's just mediocre.

  • You are tired of not having the passion you long for in your relationship.

  • You are so DONE with not getting what you want in your relationship and your life and you know there's got to be a better way.

  • Overachievers...If you find yourself relentlessly going after your goals... but maybe you aren't making the progress you know you could be making...

  • You feel burnt out, exhausted and rundown, and you still strive to keep going… but you KNOW there is a better way

  • You are looking for the edge, not a shortcut quick fix...

  • You know that it takes work, but know there HAS to be an easier way...

  • You are putting in the work, but still not getting what they want...

  • You want to be SOUL-LED and happy more than anything else...

  • You are relentless…

  • If there is an area of your life that you still struggle with... money, relationships, your purpose, your business...

How is this going to work?

You will have  8 trainings over the course of 8 weeks. Everything takes place in a private Facebook group, which you will have lifetime access to. These will be posted in the Facebook group each Monday.

There will be a Q&A session each week where you will get to have your questions answered and we can go into more detail for your unique circumstances.

You will get a worksheet for each week and you can ask questions as we go.

And we start Monday!

What to do now:

  1. Click the "I WANT IN!" button.

  2. Make the payment

  3. Pm me on Facebook saying you are in! And I'll respond with all the details.

I love you all and I cannot wait to do this incredible work with you!

Owner of a multimillion dollar company...

Kyle came to me a little over a year ago, burnt out and miserable in his life. 

He woke up one day with swollen ankles from hiking and he realized his health had to change. This made him take a closer look at his life and the way he was living.

On the outside, his life looked perfect but his marriage was failing and his business was failing.

After working together and realizing what he truly wanted, he got a divorce and sold his company, manifesting $250k in the sale of his company. And then he manifested a management position making $150k per year.

He also lost 50 pounds and is working towards his first bodybuilding competition.

Just because you are married and feel stuck - you can still manifest your soulmate relationship and create the life of your dreams

She started her coaching business and booked out her first live event within a month of starting her business!

And...transformed her relationship with her husband.

"I wasn't even planning on working on my relationship. My relationship with my husband was like spaghetti and I thought I would just eat it and it would be gone. My marriage has transformed. It came to this beautiful place. I'm unstoppable at this point.
If I could tell you in one sentence what she has done for me, she has introduced me to my soul. She has helped me connect with my soul."

Q & A

Q. What days and times are the live sessions going to be?

A. The trainings will be scheduled on Monday. The Q&A sessions will be scheduled towards the end of the week and based on the availability of the group. 

Q. Over the 8 weeks do I only get to ask you questions during the live Q&A sessions?

A. You can ask your questions on the LIVE stream or ask me your questions before the LIVE stream if you can't make it, but I also encourage you to ask questions DAILY in the group. Mindset work is a daily practice and you need daily support. 

Q. Is this right for me or should I work with you one on one given that I want to work on EVERYTHING - my soul alignment, relationship, health, money? 

A. I think that this would actually be a really good fit for anyone who wants to work on all those things and doesn't know me or my teaching style yet. It's a great entry point to working with me. Working with me privately is also an option if you already feel like we are a good fit to work together. It's the quickest way to get a transformation. Just message me for the application.

Q. What if you don’t have a business but are working for a company where you aren’t getting a salary you deserve?

A. You can apply what I teach to that as well. I have had my clients get promoted, sell their companies and get jobs they love where they are being paid crazy amounts.

Q. I know you talk about finding your soulmate, but will this help me if I am already in a relationship and want to find true love again?

A. Absolutely. If that's the ONLY thing that you want to work on, I have a course dedicated just for that. Message me to discuss. 

Q. I know you work with entrepreneurs. Will this help me in a situation where I am working for an employer?

A. Absolutely. This applies if you are working for a company.

This has helped people sell businesses that were burning them out, find new career opportunities, get promoted, and have received up to $24k in unexpected bonuses.

If I say something in a video and you are unsure how to apply it to your situation, ask and I'll give you specific help for those things. Once you know and understand these concepts, you will be able to change your entire life in a SAFE way for your subconscious.