[New Podcat Episode]44: Why you aren’t getting what you want when you manifest!

Why you aren’t getting what you want when you manifest!
Since I’ve been talking about manifesting, all of my friends have started using that word… And while I get why, I don’t think they have enough knowledge or depth of how to actually manifest what they want.
For example, a year and a half ago when I really really wanted to be with this guy that I’ve NOW manifested as my future husband, I thought that I understood manifesting. I thought it was really just having enough desire for something and then “your wish would be granted!”
And this thought – idea… leads people to frustration and ultimately CREATES MORE BLOCKS FOR THEM because now they think they are UNLUCKY or that THE UNIVERSE IS AGAINST THEM…
No, Hun. You just don’t understand how it really works yet.
And that’s fine.
But you have to keep working at it and learning…
Because ONCE you get it – your reality snaps into your manifestation – just like mine did on May 31st when MFH (my future husband) showed up in my living room saying, “Wherever you go, I’m going with you!”

Listen here->> http://bit.ly/nicholeshow

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