Life gets to be easy

Nichole Carlson, Flip the Switch

Life gets to be easy.

Yeah right!


For who?

How hard do I have to work to get to that point?

One of the hardest things about manifesting is this idea that…life gets to be easy.

Money ‘gets’ to be easy.

Love ‘gets’ to be easy.

And that belief alone is one of the reasons I rejected manifesting for so long.

Life, money and love were ANYTHING but easy.

At least for me.

And until I got so sick and tired of life being hard, life WAS hard. All of it.

In fact life was so hard I cheated and compromised my way through my entire life, just taking whatever I could get while still trying to be a good person and do the right thing.

And there was never enough.

And eventually, I grew out of a lot of that in my 30s, but life was still kind of hard. And I wasn’t getting what I wanted.

I mean, you see it, right?

There are people who find their purpose and finally get out of their software engineering jobs…

There are people who seem to magically manifest their future husbands…

And they seem to always look good too.

And it seems like it’s ‘easy’ for them.

I was a fighter.

Everything was a fight to the death for me.

And I pushed myself to achieve.

But life has a way of ‘guiding’ you (aka, knocking you on your ass) to where you need to be.

All that struggle was just perpetuating more struggle.

The more you struggle the more you struggle.

But it’s hard to let go and trust.

What if it all goes to hell?

But this ‘guidance’ took the options from me.

My ex-boyfriend literally left the country after we broke up – forcing me to let go

My body shut down almost completely – forcing me to get off of Adderall

My future husband and I were energetically blocked until I chose to let things be easy and manifest him.

Right now you may be thinking that all these ‘bad things’ are happening.

You may be feeling like ‘it’s not working ‘

You may be wondering why manifesting isn’t working for you.

I get it. Part of the reason MAY be, ‘We still believe we have to struggle’

I know I still believe that deep down. It pulls me back sometimes.

And then I have to remind myself – it ‘gets’ to be easy for me.

Because it HAS to be easy.

It’s the only way we truly get what we want.

I trust that you are receiving this message right when you need it.

I love you lots and I would love to show you how life, money and love ‘get’ to be easy for you.

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