Failing at Weight Loss? Here is How to Succeed

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“I’m failing. I haven’t been to the gym in a while and my eating is terrible because I’ve been busy with … ” she goes on to explain what’s been going on.

There are a lot of things going on from this statement that could be obvious about trying to lose weight but I want to discuss how to stop feeling like a failure.

Feeling like you are constantly failing can be a huge mental and emotional burden and can actually hinder your progress of what you are trying to accomplish. This shows in weight loss all of the time.

Have you ever felt discouraged when you were trying to accomplish something? Did it make you feel like continuing? Did you want to keep trying? Or did you just want to get away from that feeling of failure?

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Stop being miserable.

Here’s how:

Stop believing in the wagon.

We’ve all heard the phrase “I’ve fallen off the wagon.”

Did you ever stop to think that there might not be a wagon?

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Maybe this is a time where you need a break to examine how busy your life is and think of some simple steps to adjust to your lifestyle. Transition periods are not bad, but you need to use the time to evaluate what you need to adjust in your life.

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Here are some things questions to ask yourself to help you get back on track:

a. What can I simplify in my life?

What are you doing that you can streamline or take out? Maybe you can’t think of anything right now, but keep asking yourself the question until you come up with some things.

b. How can I add some healthy but simple practices to my life?

(Idea: Think easy. 10 minute walks, or healthy breakfasts) Start small. No one is asking you to be an Olympian. Make it easy for yourself.

c. What small change could I do to start?

This could be as small as packing a gym bag at night or packing your lunch. Starting is usually the hardest part so do ANYTHING that will allow you to start, no matter how small it may seem. Build after you get started.

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Your challenge:

Come up with three ways you COULD start working on your health goal and use them one at a time! If they don’t work, figure out why and tweak!

You can steal my idea: I pack everything the night before and put it next to the door at night so I’ll do my workout in the morning. I won’t have to prepare in the morning. ALSO, I set two alarms and one is outside of the bedroom. My cat is my third alarm.


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