How long do you want to wait to start your business?

I just read this on Facebook, “Ladies! It’s been six months since our Business course! How are you all doing?” “Finishing up the work!” they all replied in more or less words. It was an 8 week course, that they started 6 months ago.  And no one had any clients.  No one was making money.  That is great that they … Read More

It’s easier than you think…

If you’ve ever thought, “There must be an easier way.” – then you’re right…. You don’t need a website, a course or paid ads to get paying clients. You just don’t. And, as an ex-software engineer, I can tell you that I wasted a lot of time setting up a website and all of the tech stuff for a long … Read More

Are You Trying to Push Through Stress, Overwhelm, and Anxiety?

What needs to change for you today? At some point we had a system that worked and we followed it. Is it still working for you? Are there bad habits that are making you unhappy? For me- yes! I finally took a vacation last week after being run down and burnt out. What did this do to me? I have … Read More

Business Owners, Coaches, Entrepreneurs… Are Your Problems Following You?

Let’s be real.   The problems you ignore WILL follow you.   Change relationships? The problem you didn’t learn to fix will come back. Congratulations you didn’t graduate.   Yeah. You can leave again. But your problem will come back. (Maybe it was the other person, but YOU picked that person.)   Your business isn’t working? Yeah. You can start … Read More

Is Your Energy Drained? Is Your Business Suffering Because of It?

Are you supposed to be working on your business right now, but you feel drained? I KNOW about being in each of these places. It’s no place to live. There could be several reasons for this: 1. You have a fear (maybe something you haven’t discovered). 2. Your business does not support what YOU want. 3. You need to take … Read More

Are You Living in ‘Indecision’?

“I don’t know. I can’t decide.” If these are things you are saying in your life – in your business, please ask yourself: “What FEAR is keeping me from making this decision?” IF you chose what you REALLY WANT, would that create uncertainty? Would you be ‘putting yourself out there’? Would you be ‘more likely to fail’? Keep in mind, … Read More

Are You Stuck? So Many Entrepreneurs Are!

I was on the plane yesterday thinking about some of the struggles my clients go through and I wrote this little story. It is completely made up. It may be worth a read because you might find some truths in it about yourself or your past self…. or not. Either way, please enjoy. Flying (Narrator) Flying. To lift off. Above … Read More

Are You Answering the Call in Your Life?

There comes a time in everyone’s life where the question is asked, “What is it you want?” Do you want to sit there doing the same thing you’ve been doing? If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll CONTINUE TO GET THE SAME THINGS YOU’VE GOT. When is it time to move forward? If the time isn’t now, then when? … Read More

Are You in a Losing Streak? Here’s How to Turn it Around

The other day I was coaching an athlete who was stuck in a losing streak. He had 5 losses in a row and the next day was going to be another game for him. He was having a hard time focusing because of some outside distractions. I coached him through it by getting him to talk about his past wins, … Read More