‘To-Do’ List Overwhelm? The Most Effective Way Accomplish More

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Have you felt it? That uneasy feeling in your stomach, that’s usually accompanied by…


Awful. I get it often because I am always trying to do more than I can possibly do.

But, it’s times when I feel paralyzed, that really make me question, “What am I doing?”

I actually didn’t notice it until recently. I’ve been on this personal mission to watch my emotions – actually, I’m working to be happier all around.

I didn’t notice it right away but someone called me out and asked me, “Are you scared?”

“Of course not!”

But I was.

I was starting my business and learning a ton of things about business, marketing and being online. It was a bit exciting and scary.

Of course it was also overwhelming. I needed to be productive.

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Once I figured out it was fear, I could rationalize with myself, but I still had the feeling of overwhelm.

How was I going to get through it?

I couldn’t do less.

My list kept growing.

I knew my list by heart so I stopped looking at it and started a new list.

I wrote down, ONLY things I completed.

And stuck it on my wall.

It felt amazing.

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There will always be times when we feel stuck in our businesses.

A lot of times that stuck-ness will be us and we will have to learn about ourselves and how we operate to get through whatever challenges we are coming up against.

To get through your fears, stress, and overwhelm: 

  • Be patient with yourself.
  • Examine your emotions.
  • Learn to have fun. After all, you started your business because you enjoyed it. Make it something you enjoy again.
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Your challenge:

The next time you feel stressed, think about where it is coming from and think of a way to make a game out of it or make it easier on yourself.





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