You COULD have what you want, but you keep going back…

You keep going back to dip your toe in.

You stay in the relationship where you KNOW you are unhappy, but if anyone asks, you’ll defend your decision to stay.

They don’t mean it.
They said they were sorry.
They asked for another chance.
They are ‘trying’
They have all of these other things that you don’t want to lose if you had to walk away
You are trying to do the right thing for them
You are trying to stay together for the family
You don’t know how to tell your/their family
You think they can’t live without you – they won’t be able to take care of themselves
It isn’t that bad
You forgave them, so shouldn’t you forget?

Another relationship.
Same problem.

But you try harder because this person is ‘safer’

All the while knowing that you are a happy person living an unhappy life.

All the while thinking that this is what a relationship is – compromise, hard work, sacrifice…

Well, yes… and NO.
You are bullshitting yourself.
You can have what you want.
You can have the love, the trust, the intimacy…
You CAN.


To get what you want, you have to walk away from everything that is NOT what you want.
Cut it off.
Walk away.

Because honestly, your soul will NOT let you stay.
You can try.
But 1 year… 10 years later… You WILL be walking away.
You are in a relationship where you are trying to prove you are good enough by making it work
You aren’t getting the answers to how a relationship works
The person you are with is JUST NOT A MATCH FOR YOU

You are trying harder
You are picking better people than the last one (even though the ‘safe’ ones aren’t getting you off, but you think that’s the sacrifice you have to make, right?)
You are reading the books, going to the seminars and going to therapy…

But what if…
You could just KNOW what to do?
What if…
You could just trust yourself?
What if you were finally strong enough to think that thing that you don’t want to think? To say it out loud, “I’m not happy”?… To get up and walk away?

What if you KNEW you were doing the right thing and you could fully carry through this time?

What if…
You could trust yourself not to go back?

Cos what actually NEEDS to happen is for you to have the inner strength to carry out what you need to do – otherwise, you WILL be STUCK, TRAPPED, AND TIED DOWN TO WHAT YOU DON’T WANT. 

THIS is actually what happened with me in my marriage. I was completely out mentally and emotionally for FOUR YEARS before I had the inner strength to walk my ASS out the door.


But I’m sure you can relate. I’m sure you know what it’s like to do something that doesn’t align with you, to stay in a relationship, to stay in a career, to stay friends with a toxic person, to CONTINUALLY SAY NO TO YOUR OWN SOUL FOR YEARS! 

We put up with so much shit and tell ourselves it’s not that bad.


When we tell ourselves it’s not that bad, we are really trying to convince ourselves that it’s okay to do something that is against what our soul wants. 

AND when we go against SOUL, we shut down. We shut down our hopes, dreams, passions, and desires. We shut down our drive and motivation.

We push down our emotions. 

AND THEN we start medicating – emotional eating, working out to exhaustion, drugs, alcohol, working all of the time, Netflixing, affairs, porn… Whatever we can do to run ourselves down so that we don’t realize we HATE our lives. 

Oh no, wait. We don’t hate our lives.

It’s not that bad.

We have a lot to be grateful for.


It’s not that you aren’t well taken care of. It’s not that you are lacking anything. It’s that you are going against what your heart wants. You are SAYING NO TO YOURSELF. 





It’s not going to work in your business, in your relationship, in your health or in your life.


It’s Time to Flip the Switch,



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And honestly, for me, last year was great. I unleveled my business, I won 1st in my bodybuilding competition and I worked out my relationship shit, and no doubt I had fun but it


and I took some time to do some soul searching… And FUCK… I’m NOT going to make it if this year is like last year… So I went to Puerto Rico and as I got on the plane, I said… “Puerto Rico, Set My Soul on Fire!” And while I was in Puerto Rico I created THIS program because I KNOW that to make it this year, you need so much more than what you are getting in your life. 

Here it is: 

🎉 YOU ARE NOT BASIC – There’s no way you’ve been through all the things you’ve been through just to follow everyone else and live the way everyone else is living… There is something you were BORN to do and everything in your life has led you up to this very point. You were born to LEAD – your family, as a parent, in your community, in your business – whatever it is, you were BORN to LEAD. 

🎉 EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE HAS LED YOU HERE – You may have spent years looking for what to do with your life, feeling lost, feeling like you just need to hurry up and figure it out, but what if your past WAS what you were supposed to be going through? What if it’s ALL a part of the plan? Let’s talk about how we can take your past and use it to PULL you forward into the destiny you were born for?

🎉 SOUL ON FIRE – Let’s be perfectly honest here…It’s not that you’re unmotivated, procrastinating or unwilling… It’s not even that you don’t know what to do…In fact, it’s the opposite… You know what you want, you know what to do and you’ve done it. You’re good at crushing it and making things happen. So why aren’t you? You are bored.

🎉 BUSINESS ON FIRE – You are also bored in your business to some degree or another – that’s why you are still self-doubting, looking for validating, jumping from thing to thing. We are going to talk about going NEXT LEVEL, THE EASE OF SELLING, MAKING CASH FLOW TO YOU and ATTRACTING YOUR SOULMATE CLIENTS

🎉 BE BOLD, BE SEEN – What it takes to be seen as a leader and how you can still do this – even if you are an introvert. This was a huge fear of mine when I first started my business and it still shows up some times, so we are going to talk about being seen, being vulnerable and setting boundaries – because boundaries and vulnerability DO need to go together. Let’s keep your subconscious feeling safe so you can make the biggest impact!

🎉 THE FIRE – How you can connect to your power every day – we are talking about your heart and soul. We have been taught to stay in our heads and that IS NOT where our power lies. If you want the ultimate power, drive, motivation PLUS desire, passion, excitement – we’ve got to go to our heart. This is going to have the biggest impact on your life, business, and relationship. 

🎉 THERE’S A REASON YOU ARE STILL STANDING – All the things you are going through right now may be hard or painful, but HOW you get through this is everything so we are going to talk about what you are going through RIGHT NOW and how to come out on top. THIS is going to help you through whatever you are going through so you can ALWAYS come out stronger and better than before. I’m going to share some stories that will blow you away. 

🎉 TRUSTING YOURSELF & THE UNIVERSE – How do you make things easy and fun? Trust – trust yourself and the world around you. But HOW do you trust? That’s the secret, now isn’t it? We are going to talk about how to trust yourself after you’ve failed – your divorce, your bad relationship patterns, your health and body, your business fuck-ups – how to STILL trust yourself and be able to MOVE FORWARD! 

🎉 IF YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE IT, YOU ARE GOING TO NEED SOUL FIRE – If you are going to make shit-tons of money, have a passionate relationship, have a business you are in love with, have soulmate clients you are going to need drive and motivation – and that some from SOUL FIRE. You need to have fun and excitement in your life before you get there. That means this self-sacrifice and martyr bullshit has to go. You need to start living TODAY AND EVERY SINGLE DAY. We are going to talk about what that means in your life. In your business. With your money. In your relationship. And how to make it happen. 

🎉 BACKING YOURSELF – What you believe, think and do determines what you get in your life. If you don’t believe something is possible, you are going to hold back and then, of course, you won’t get whatever you are after. You KNOW what you want – you KNOW you want to have a life that you are so in love with and that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning, so why don’t you? Let’s talk about what you believe, your patterns and associations and how that is creating your life and what you are currently getting in your life – and how to FLIP THE SWITCH on it. 

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