Why Your Soul Is Not on Fire


And why it probably will never be…if you continue on this path


I believe that we all have hopes dreams and desires that we once cherished.

Somewhere along the way…

they got trampled by ‘reality’…

they got pushed aside because of people-pleasing…

they got pushed aside because of trauma…

All the reasons, right?


And now ‘this is the way we are’ ‘this is what we know’

And most of us are running around trying to find the right way

And trying to figure out ‘how to make it’


For reals, aren’t you tired of trying to figure out all the shit you’re doing? It’s totally manning and I refuse to be part of that madhouse. My mind and body just won’t let me.


But what’s really happening… is we are only going surface level on everything.

Just tell me how to hold my shit in a bucket and I’ll be on my way, thank you very much.

We are too busy to even realize that our shit stinks…

And that it’s attracting the flies… (hello bad relationships, money mindset that keeps you in debt, jobs you hate)

And that it’s so fucking heavy… (hello, energy drains and depression)


We are so busy we can only ‘afford’ to go surface level. You don’t have time to care that the problem is resolved. And so you go into another bad relationship, another bad business, another bad diet…

Or you stay in one…


Either way you end up tired, beat down and unable to create anything that you want.


The things you SAY you want…

Freedom (the feeling of pure safety and peace of mind)





A passionate sexual relationship

A vibrant healthy body


You are working against.

Because what that requires is for you to tap back into your dreams and desires,

To trust yourself,

To say no to all the bullshit around you – including your own,


And what that takes is being able to see what I see for you – being able to see what’s possible,

How to clear out the things weighing you down,

How to start getting what your soul wants,

And how you can set your SOUL ON FIRE.


Again, you are sitting there in the same set of problems for how many years now? Nothing’s changing for you because you are missing THIS foundation.

You can figure out how to make money,

run a business,

get married,


But good luck making it work in a way that brings you true happiness if you don’t know how to listen to your soul.

If you aren’t on fire – Your life won’t be on fire.

And your sex life also won’t be on fire. I really feel that’s a very important part to add.

Too many people are going without sex. AND without good sex.


If you want the things you say you want, look at your life. Are you getting them?

Or it’s around the corner?



Just so close, right?

Again, how long have you been saying that?


And when are you going to see the surface shit isn’t working?


It’s Time to Flip the Switch,



We are struggling with depression, anxiety, our businesses, money, sex, relationships and I see what the real problem is with all of these things. We are trying to fix the symptoms and as long as we do, we are missing the real message that our soul wants us to hear…

“Come back to yourself.”

But honestly THIS is the hardest journey to go on because it’s the one we resist the MOST.

We will do more for other people than we will do for ourselves, but this has become our poison.

Only when we truly learn to love ourselves, will we be able to figure out the bigger stuff.

And honestly, I came from the same hustle, masculine upbringing you probably did – that’s why you relate to my stories. And I never thought this would be my path, my message. And now that it is, I can’t believe I never saw it before.

And I’m sure it’s the same for you. You’ve had trauma in your life. You’ve had painful breakups. You’ve struggled just to find your way.

And it’s never worked for you.


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