When I say manifested my husband it was such a 180 with his behavior…

When I say manifested my husband it was such a 180 with his behavior… That I was totally in shock that it happened that quick.

One week we were chill, friends, whatever… Then I wrote in my journal that I wanted to marry him.

And the very next time I saw him, he was pursuing me hardcore saying he would go with me wherever I moved. (which is totally weird that he said that because I had already manifested that we were going to move to Hawaii And so obviously my jaw dropped when he said that)

After that…
I laid in my hammock for 3 days… Just in shock and enjoying the new life I had created And the new life that I had dreamed up and I knew was coming.
Within two weeks he asked when he could meet my dad… (So obviously who does that?)
And for the last 2 months I knew all the steps that I had taken in the last year and a half that led me up to that point, I knew that I had made that final decision to allow love in, And I knew that I had fully stepped into the dream to be able to manifest it.

Basically, I knew the magic behind it, right?

But for the last 2 months, I’ve been thinking, “I know how he showed up at my door.
But how does HE think he got here?????”
(It was that dramatic of a change that I was perplexed by what he would say to that!)
So I asked him the other day.

And he said he had no idea!

Thoughts become things.


I feel like if I think of the unicorn right now it might show up in my apartment, so I’m really trying hard not to think of a unicorn.

You can have the relationship you desire – not the safe comfortable one… The one that just fucking lights you up! And you can be completely confident in that relationship.
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