What to Do When You Just Can’t Live Like this Anymore

You can go through your whole life and miss your life. Nichole Carlson

When you’ve hit the bottom, 

When your body has totally given out, 

And you wonder, ‘How do you keep going when you’ve lost it all?’

When you’ve gotten to the point where… ‘fuck, you just can’t live like this anymore…’

And you are done trying. 

You are going to figure this out and MAKE IT HAPPEN. 


You don’t hire me to go from $20k months to $45k months…

You don’t hire me for business strategy…

You don’t hire me because your fighting with your partner…

Or You need to lose some weight… (even though all that happens)

You hire me because:

Your older sister just died at 43 and you just heard your parents in the next room say that you are next… and you know you need to change your lifestyle…

(This guy lost 100 pounds in 8 months and finally reclaimed his freedom from a software engineering job he was at for 20 years. He Started improv classes, dancing and going out with friends)

You are totally burnt out, run down, and missing your little girl growing up, and the pain of missing your life and the crushing demands of your work is devastating…

(She overcame her limiting money beliefs, we took care of her anxiety, and she was able to go from $20k per month to $45k per mo AND slash her hours by over half. She even had time to bring in an addition to her family 🙂

You’ve been raped on more than one occasion, abused, never healed and you want to be the woman you once were before the trauma. And you want to find a purpose and meaning to your life…

(Damn, this girl is a fucking rockstar. Relentless in her pursuit. She was able to heal and start loving herself. Her anxiety is way down and she started doing her own public speaking events.)

You’re struggling with depression, and are tired of being alone, and you’ve given up hope that anyone would ever want to be with you. And you need to lose weight, gain confidence and stop working all of the time…

(He lost 65 pounds in 15 months, got a job promotion because of his confidence and found the love of his life and got engaged)

You are a visionary, on stage with the most well-known leaders and your business is such a success but your family life is suffering because you can’t be present… most importantly, you look back at your most recent vacation photos and you 







with your wife and kids. 

You know you are missing your life because you are always living in the future.

You hire me because you feel like you’ve lost power and respect in your business, with your clients, with your employees, your partner/spouse, with your friends and you feel like you’ve lost yourself

(most all of my clients)

You hire me because you just lost $30k because you are desperately unhappy with your life and you are sabotaging your business…And you’ve been struggling with suicidal thoughts you whole life and now you are sitting there with a gun on your lap.

(He got to the point where he realized he deserved a good life (for the first time ever) and was getting out of bed, taking care of himself, we rebuilt his confidence and he got the $30k back, he started his own business and started getting clients)

You hire me because you are married and desperately unhappy, you’ve been wanting to leave for years, but don’t know if it’s the right thing for you, your health is suffering, your work is suffering and your emotionally tapped out.

(Several clients – they’ve all started getting a deeper connection with themselves, who they are and what they want – THIS has strengthened their own self-worth, their self-confidence and also the relationship!)

You hire me because you want the life you know is possible for you and you are DONE with all the pain, drama, grief, of not having a business that lights you up,

a relationship with the love… the trust… and the intimacy…

feeling healthy and vibrant in your body…

and you are done with being successful on the outside, but feeling so desperately unhappy and empty on the inside. 






This is where I work with my clients. This is the work we do. I’m not a business coach, not a relationship coach, not a diet coach,

I call out the leader that is inside of you –

The leader that desperately wants to get out.


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