Using Your Pain to Step into the Power of You

Sometimes you KNOW what you need to do and you hold off for months- maybe even years. You tell yourself you don’t have the money or you don’t have the time.  

Maybe you even tell yourself it’s not that bad,  

Or you didn’t want that thing anyways, 

Or you want it to be this way (when you know you are disappointed and settling) 

And you wait. 

And things get worse. 

And then you’re upset that you didn’t follow through.  

But then you take that step and EVERYTHING is amazing because you were supposed to do it all along.  

And then you wonder… "What were you really afraid of?” 

That’s what Alia went through. She knew she had a calling. She said she couldn’t afford the coaching. She also didn’t have the time.  

And things got worse until she signed up to work with me and she has had some HUGE wins in such a short time, including totally selling out her first LIVE seminar.  

Here’s her story. 

For a long time, Nichole was following the American Dream. She had the house, the husband, the car, and the career - but she was miserable.
But she stayed for 12 years. It wasn’t until after her mom passed away at only 47 that she realized life was short. She got a divorce and traveled for the next 10 years, and even got to the point where she was homeless and eating out of dumpsters. 
She came back, rebuilt her life on her terms. 

Nichole works with 6 and 7 figure earners who are successful, yet struggling with stress, anxiety and overwhelm and inside they feel like they are barely holding it together. Nichole flips a switch inside of them to help them break through in business, bring back the passion in their relationships, and gives them the energy to be able to keep going instead of burning out.
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