The most beautiful, world-famous empty castle

I just got back from Germany where I spent a few days in Füssen where the Neuschwanstein castle is – the castle that Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle was modeled after.


There are actually two main castles in Füssen. The other castle, no one has heard of (well…it’s not famous), King Ludwig lived in while he built Neuschwanstein high up on the mountain.


The story has it, King Ludwig was miserable. He built this castle to show his power and to be able to live alone and unburdened.

Neuschwanstein was incredible and had many modern amenities, including running water. And before the castle was finished, he moved into it.

Ludiwg slept only 11 nights in the castle before an unknown illness took his life.

It’s a really sad story. He thought this castle would make him happy but he never really got to experience it. (And he might not have been happy when he was living there.)

But I wonder about King Ludwig who obviously had riches beyond my comprehension. Couldn’t he have found a way to be happy? I mean, the first castle he was living in wasn’t half bad.

When I think of this story, I think about the businesses we are all hustling to build. I think it’s important to build something you can be happy WHILE building.
I also think it’s important to realize that the castle won’t bring you happiness (in fact, it may bring in a draft from the outside mountain air that ends up being your demise.)

But if we are happy NOW and we enjoy building our castle, how much richer are we than King Ludwig?


But I think this happens to a lot of people. We get into these temporary situations where we are miserable while we build our castle. (If you don’t do this, maybe you know someone who does.)

And sometimes we are able to move into our castle. Sometimes we never get there.


I see so many people building a business model that won’t make them happy and they certainly aren’t happy WHILE building their business.

The question is, are YOU happy?

If not, then it may be time to change your thoughts, actions, and maybe even your business plan.

If you aren’t happy now, and you need to figure out a plan that will make you happy, let’s jump on a call and create a game plan for you.

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The best way to build your business is to work with someone who ALREADY has a business model that gives them the income, and freedom that you want in your own business so they can give you the beliefs, strategy, skills, and tools to do the same.

Otherwise, you continue to build yourself an empty castle.

Much love <3
Nichole Carlson

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