No other coach does the work I do on the level I do

💔😢 In my 20’s I thought I had the perfect life, the perfect marriage, the perfect career -but I was miserable because I had married a man I didn’t trust and I was in a career that felt like it was sucking the soul out of me.
I felt empty and confused. I kept thinking… “It’s not like I have a bad life or anything to complain about” I felt like there was something WRONG with me and that I was being ungrateful. But deep down… I knew it wasn’t me, but I didn’t know how to fix it.

I stayed for 12 years.

And after my mom got cancer and died at 47 I walked away from ALL of it – because life is too damn short to be miserable. 😢💔

👊👊 I got a divorce & sold my house. 👊👊
✊✊I quit my job, sold my car an hour later, and the next day I was on a one-way ticket to Spain.


On that trip, I was in England hitchhiking, homeless and eating out of dumpsters for a month – by CHOICE. I was angry and bitter over having “Done all the right things” and STILL not being happy. So I was determined to “do all of the wrong things” – things I felt like people would JUDGE me for. Things people WARNED me NOT to do. Things that were STUPID and the OPPOSITE of what I had been told to do…. and prove they were wrong. (I’m not stubborn AT ALL… haha) 😋😋

But this is the inner battle. Right? We do the “right” thing and wonder why we still aren’t happy. So I had to figure all that out…


🔙🔙 Back to England… 🔙🔙

I was standing in line at a soup kitchen when I realized that I could be happy – with near nothing and that if I could be happy homeless that I could also build a life from that happiness.

I also realized the sucky parts about being homeless and decided that I didn’t want to keep living that way.
And so I came back and rebuilt my life.👎😟

But I had to do all of that because THAT is my story and THAT gives me the WISDOM I need to be able to coach at that deeper level.🤩

💥💥 But here’s the thing – I went through all of that so that YOU don’t have to. (Pfffft – How many people would hire me if I just told them to buy the next one-way ticket out of the country and go eat out of dumpsters until they learn their lesson? That’s a weird thought) 💥💥

So no.

You don’t have to leave it all to find your solution – in fact, it might be best if you don’t. But I have the perspective of having had all of these experiences that my SCHOOLING AND DEGREE NEVER gave me. 🎓🚫

💚 And I live it. I have a business I love. I have clients that I love. I have created the time and money freedom that allows me to live the life I want – spend 3-4 hours a day in the gym for my bodybuilding competitions. I live my version of healthy doing my bodybuilding competitions. And I have finally stopped leaving the country after a relationship ends and I stay and work it out. 💚

But the reason I do this is because I watched my mom during the last year of her life talk about all of the things that she still wanted to do – all of the things she would never get a chance to do. And I know what it’s like to work so hard to build a life and find out you’ve created a life from society’s blueprint instead of your own desires. 💗
And I also know what it’s like to create a life you love and to help others do the same.
And it feels so good to step into what’s RIGHT for YOU, not something that you are ‘supposed to(have to)’ do. Sometimes I can’t believe this is my life and that I get to pass this to my clients. 💗

Most of the time people are looking for a business coach, weight loss coach or a relationship coach, but everyone needs help in all three. Ok, yeah, so usually we focus on your business together or on your relationship, but when we work together, it impacts every area of your life because I don’t work on the surface level. 💗

We do all that by looking at the things you are doing that are on autoplay. THIS IS WHY IT HASN’T WORKED FOR YOU BEFORE. You need to look at the patterns that are playing out in your life AND I do not coach like anyone else. 📣📣📣


🎉 🎊When clients work with me, 🎊🎉
✅ They start stepping into their calling & vision,
✅ they make more money in their business,
✅ they work LESS (because you HAVE TO work less to make more),
✅ They have more passion in their relationship (or dating life),
✅ and they start eating healthy -without struggling to do so!


💌 You may have the knowledge, but if you don’t have the wisdom you need to put it into action – it ain’t ever gonna work 💌

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