[NEW PODCAST EPISODE] #37: Uncovering the truth about money with Shannon DePalma

Shannon and I are Uncovering the truth about money
We will be discussing…
😮😮😮 How your past blocks your money flow
😮😮😮 How your relationships keep you from skyrocketing your income
🍑💰🍆 How your relationship with money is intertwined with your sex life 

***MORE ABOUT SHANNON*** Shannon DePalma is a money mindset mentor for high-level female entrepreneurs. She believes business needs cash flow and in order to do that, you have to charge appropriately, which is probably more than you’re charging now. She wants more women to be wealthy and won’t quit until that happens. From Broke to Booked Out: 4 experiments on how you can get booked out by raising your prices and owning your badassness: https://shannondepalma.lpages.co/get-booked-out/


Listen here->> http://bit.ly/nicholeshow

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