Men don’t find strong women intimidating

The High-Value Woman is a lie

Men don’t find you intimidating

Men don’t find strong women intimidating

The problem is most women don’t know how to be strong in their feminine

Most women are always in their masculine.

They are running businesses.

They are building empires.

They are at the top of their game.

And none of that is intimidating for a high value man.

The problem is we are trying to be high value.

Women have to stop trying to be high value.

Women are already valuable. You were born that way.

High value is a masculine quality.

It’s about bringing something to the table and having something to offer.

We as women are strong and are femininity.

We as women don’t have to bring things to the table. We don’t have to have stuff together.

Yes we have to be healed and following our soul, But we’re confusing that with “bringing something to the table”

It’s not that you were intimidating. (Unless he’s not a high-value man then of course he’s intimidated)

It’s that he doesn’t want a partner. He wants a soulmate. He wants a feminine woman. (Doesn’t mean hair and makeup and heels)

A feminine woman is about being strong in who she is.

A feminine woman is about someone who follows their soul.

A feminine woman is about finding joy from the inside.

A feminine woman is about letting go of control and fully trusting herself and her soulmate.

And we as women start looking for partners because we’re in our masculine.

Because we’re afraid we’re not enough.

And as long as we’re trying to bring stuff to the table we’re never going to feel like we’re enough.

Because you’re not bringing yourself to the table.

You’re not open and vulnerable.

You’re trying to prove yourself, which is a major intimacy block.

The problem with strong independent women is that we’re in our masculine to be strong independent women.

You can be strong and independent and build an empire and be in your feminine.

Being in your masculine in a relationship is an intimacy block. It’s a protection mechanism.

Most of what I do is helping women connect their soul and when they are connected to their soul they know when to be in their masculine and when to be in their feminine. It becomes a non-issue.

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