Manifesting your soulmate doesn’t fix your depression

Trigger warning –
“I want to die.”
I’ve struggled with depression in my past (in my 20’s when I married a man that had cheated on me and was in a career I hated) but it wasn’t like this.
And I remember my mom having it most of her life.
it wasn’t like what I’ve been experiencing the last two months.
Depression, anxiety, and I couldn’t sleep.
So I started taking sleeping pills. 1
and at one point I was up to 4 pills a night.

And if you know anything about my addiction to Adderall, you know this is not my first struggle with pills.

(Please don’t dm me with help. Already working with a coach)

But that wasn’t the problem. The problem was my hormone imbalance, (which I am working with a coach on now).
My health problems brought with it fatigue, stress, anxiety, sleepless nights, depression, and this voice.
“I want to die.”
I didn’t want to die.
But I DID hear the voice.
But it was like I was an outsider observing.
I was not well but I was taking action.
I’m feeling much better now, but I know it’s going to take a little more time to balance me out.


Here’s the thing.
You can’t just STOP.
Working on the surface DOES NOT WORK.

There are too many people doing surface work. This is what happens when you do it yourself or don’t have a coach that gets you to go deep. (also why I hate doctors)
You can’t just STOP the pills.
You can’t just stop the drinking
you can’t just stop the porn addition.
You can’t just stop the cheating.
You can’t just make the $$
You can’t just manifest your soulmate.

There IS a reason you aren’t where you want to be. There is a reason that you can’t give up the addiction. There is a reason you haven’t manifested your soulmate. There is a reason you haven’t manifested the money.

You want help? You want REAL FUCKING help from someone who knows how to find your EXACT BLOCKS? You want help from someone who can get you REAL LASTING RESULTS from someone who has been in the trenches and is living the life you want?

Here’s the other thing.
It doesn’t matter if you manifest your soulmate (like I did last year with my future husband, Marco)…
It doesn’t matter if you are on track for a million next year…
It doesn’t matter if you are living your purpose…
If you still have depression and unhealed trauma – you still aren’t going to be happy.

If you want help going deep, to heal your past trauma so you can build the life of your dreams on top of you being truly happy, then let’s talk.
No surface work.
No tips, tricks, and strategies.
We will go deep to create the life you want.
We will go deep to see what’s really keeping you from living the life you want and manifesting your soulmate and all of the money.

My clients have healed from past trauma, rapes, abuse. Healed their lifelong depression. Quit their substance abuse. Got six-pack abs. Manifested their soulmates, engagements, marriages, babies. Manifested $20k, $45k, $350k.
Started living their purpose and making money from it.

What do you want? Yes. Your soulmate. Yes, the money. Yes, the abs. But you want these deeper quiet issues taken care of. The things you haven’t told anyone. The things you don’t even want to look at. Let’s do it.

I have 4 open spots to work with me privately over the next 4 months. Investment is $20k or 4 payments of $5200. Dm me to talk about this further. Xo

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