It’s easier than you think…

If you’ve ever thought, “There must be an easier way.” – then you’re right….

You don’t need a website, a course or paid ads to get paying clients. You just don’t.

And, as an ex-software engineer, I can tell you that I wasted a lot of time setting up a
website and all of the tech stuff for a long time. And it left me broke.

So here’s a secret most mentors won’t tell you…everything you need – you already
have. We already have a calling to help others because we’ve been there.

See, we are going to be helping someone with something we have personal experience
with, whether we’ve been there in our own past, we’ve helped someone else through
the process, or we have special training in that area.

So everything we need…. is already in our head. Our message and the journey we will
help our clients with are both in our heads.

Honestly, I bet you are even already helping people in the area you want to, but maybe
you just haven’t been paid (the friends and family deal, right?).

So, if you are waiting to get a client until after you get your website, you might want
to reconsider.

PS. If you feel like you need to focus more on getting new clients, let me know.
That’s what I do.…

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