How long do you want to wait to start your business?

I just read this on Facebook, “Ladies! It’s been six months since our Business course! How are you all doing?”

“Finishing up the work!” they all replied in more or less words. It was an 8 week course, that they started 6 months ago. 

And no one had any clients. 

No one was making money. 

That is great that they did the course, but I see this all too often. We get ‘stuck’ in the learning process and it takes a long time to launch – sometimes years. 

I get it. I was there too. 

But how many webinars, courses and trainings do you actually need before you finally ‘feel’ like a coach? 

How much ‘set up’ do we need to go through before we are actually ‘ready’ to launch?

The thing of it is, we won’t feel ready until we start working with a client because, by definition, it’s a client that makes us a coach. 

It’s scary, so we put this off, but how many more webinars, courses and trainings can you tolerate? 

I know I was sick of them and completely burnt out before I got my first client. I even felt like I was trying to get a client. But I was scared so I wasn’t taking the actions that would lead to me finally working with a client. 

I hope this doesn’t happen to you, but if you do feel like you are stuck in the Information Train Station, let’s set up a plan to move you forward

I have a few openings coming up, if you’d like to talk. Pick a time that works for you here.

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