[Funny story]What is ‘free’ really costing you?

This summer I had this incredible idea to start a vegetable garden inside my apartment and since my dad is a Master Gardener, I thought I had inherited the ‘green thumb’.

Now if you know anything about growing vegetables, you should probably already be seeing some red flags here. If you don’t know anything about growing vegetables, read on… This gets good.

So I went to the store got some seeds, got some starter dirt kits and went to work. A month later I was back at the store ready to transplant 72 seedlings into bigger pots.

Of course, I didn’t ask for help.

My dad is a Master Gardener.

Well, I picked up some kind of expensive organic fertilizer thinking it would be the best. I should have seen the red flags when I started pouring this into the pots I got but as stubborn as I am… I did not.

A week went by. The smell of manure grew daily. Gnats overran the house. And my seedlings were dying.

It was time to admit defeat.

I carried out every planter filled with pounds of shit down three flights of stairs and into the woods. I set up gnat traps in every corner of the house and waited it out.

I learned my lesson.


The thing of it is, we all do this. We either don’t pay for expert advice, use free shit or don’t get the guidance we need… and then we wonder why everything is dying around us.

This not only happened to me with the plants over the summer, but I did this with my business for the first few (plus some) years and nothing grew. In fact, everything, including my energy died.

And I had to throw away so much of my business repeatedly! In fact, I think I rebuilt my website seven times before I even started getting clients.

So I know this happens. We have the best intentions but if we look around, is it really working for us? Are we still struggling to pull everything together?


If you just want someone to cut through all the B.S. and confusion and give you a step-by-step game plan that WORKS already…

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Much love <3
Nichole Carlson
Founder, Grow Your Cash Flow for Travel

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