[NEW PODCAST EPISODE] #52: Manifesting and abundance

Nichole Carlson, Flip the Switch

​For most of my life I lived with this frugal mindset around what was possible for me and what I could have or couldn’t have. But we get to choose what’s available to us because whatever we want is abundant. Love, money, success – all of these things are abundant and WANT to come to us. ​ Listen here->> http://bit.ly/nicholeshow

[NEW PODCAST EPISODE] #48: Faith vs fear and how this impacts your manifesting

Nichole Carlson, Flip the Switch

​When you manifest, you have to be in full faith but most people are in a fear mindset – we may not even know it. You CAN manifest from a fear mindset but that’s when things kind of backfire and you end up getting a lot of things opposite of what you want. ​ Listen here->> http://bit.ly/nicholeshow

[New Podcat Episode] #45: How to plan 2020, how to plan out each month

Too many people try to force themselves into planning and finding the right morning routine. They have to sit down and plan it all out. As you probably know, this doesn’t really work. Listen to today’s episode to find a new approach to planning out your year and months so that you can be successful. ​ Listen here->> http://bit.ly/nicholeshow