You want an easy business AND to infulence lives around the world…

You are running around saying you want all these things, saying you want it to be easy, saying you deserve all these things… But you don’t want to do the work… er… Just want to get to the point where you can ‘coast’… pffff… Go. Home. Just go home. The athlete has to practice the same move over and over … Read More

Why Your Soul Is Not on Fire

WHY YOUR SOUL IS NOT ON FIRE And why it probably will never be…if you continue on this path   I believe that we all have hopes dreams and desires that we once cherished. Somewhere along the way… they got trampled by ‘reality’… they got pushed aside because of people-pleasing… they got pushed aside because of trauma… All the reasons, … Read More

Most people in relationships are finding ways to avoid their relationship…

Most people in relationships are finding way to avoid their relationship. -Nichole Carlson

Most people in relationships are finding ways to avoid their relationship… Let’s be clear…   You are not in a relationship if they are married to their job And you are sleeping alone every night.   We are getting into ‘relationships’ and finding ways to avoid intimacy (not just sex)   If we are the workaholic, we can give give … Read More

3 Reasons Most People Never Create the Life they Want

Identity, belief and love for the work. -Nichole Carlson

The difference… Between the one who makes it And the one who doesn’t…   We are looking for success in life… business… our relationships… They aren’t something you can strategy up or fix with your meditation Band-Aids… The one who makes it is all-in… Committed… Not looking for ‘the answer’ or to microwave their success… The one who makes it … Read More

When Your Unheaded Trauma is Causing You Physical Pain

Freedom is on the other side of the healing. -Nichole Carlson

I’ve been pain-free for 4 weeks, and before that, I had chronic pain in my legs for 6 months The training I did for my competition just brought out the pain It’s emotional pain It’s been there for over 10 years I did it To myself   Yeah I went through trauma When my dad left and my mom got … Read More

I believe most of us have been on autopilot not even really living

Most of us have been on autopilot, just taking life as it come but notreally living, Nichole Carlson

Hey Love, I had one of my midnight intuitive hits the other night about what I was supposed to bring about in this world and I saw a revival.   A revival spreading throughout the people.   A revival of your soul. A revival of your life. A revival of your relationship. A revival of your natural state – happy, … Read More