Uncovering the truth about money with Shannon DePalma

This is from my Show, Flip the Switch where we uncover the truth about money with Shannon DePalma… We will be discussing… 😮😮😮 How your past blocks your money flow 😮😮😮 How your relationships keep you from skyrocketing your income 🍑💰🍆 How your relationship with money is intertwined with your sex life For a long time, Nichole was following the American Dream. She … Read More

Do you feel like nothing is working anymore?

Recently I woke up to the idea that the things that were once working for me have stopped working for me. Actually, it’s been quite a while since these things have worked for me and I’ve gotten to the point where I am making excuses and settling – just because I never checked in to make sure everything was still … Read More

[Funny story]What is ‘free’ really costing you?

This summer I had this incredible idea to start a vegetable garden inside my apartment and since my dad is a Master Gardener, I thought I had inherited the ‘green thumb’. Now if you know anything about growing vegetables, you should probably already be seeing some red flags here. If you don’t know anything about growing vegetables, read on… This … Read More

Here’s the #1 Secret to Attracting New Clients, that No One Tells You

It’s amazing to see the transformation my clients go through while I work with them.   A lot of times they start out ready to hustle and take on the world but it’s all fear and stress driven.   After working with them and helping them focus (life, business etc) and working with them on slowing down, they REALLY start … Read More

The most beautiful, world-famous empty castle

I just got back from Germany where I spent a few days in Füssen where the Neuschwanstein castle is – the castle that Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle was modeled after.   There are actually two main castles in Füssen. The other castle, no one has heard of (well…it’s not famous), King Ludwig lived in while he built Neuschwanstein high up … Read More

How long do you want to wait to start your business?

I just read this on Facebook, “Ladies! It’s been six months since our Business course! How are you all doing?” “Finishing up the work!” they all replied in more or less words. It was an 8 week course, that they started 6 months ago.  And no one had any clients.  No one was making money.  That is great that they … Read More

It’s easier than you think…

If you’ve ever thought, “There must be an easier way.” – then you’re right…. You don’t need a website, a course or paid ads to get paying clients. You just don’t. And, as an ex-software engineer, I can tell you that I wasted a lot of time setting up a website and all of the tech stuff for a long … Read More