Just because you know you were born for it

Leaders – Just because you know you were born for it… And just because everything in your life has brought you up to this point… It doesn’t mean you’ll be handed your destiny. It doesn’t mean you’ll get to impact the people who need to hear your message. It doesn’t mean you’ll change the lives of those who you can … Read More

My Perfect, Yet Soul-Crushing Life

Over the last year, I worked out my relationship issues – both with my ex-boyfriend and healing from the scares of the past. I trained for 9 months to compete in a bodybuilding competition, put on 5 pounds of muscle and won 1st, 1st, and 3rd. And I totally pulled my business out of a hole and revamped the entire … Read More


I FUCKIN BUILT MY SUCCESS ON FEAR AND ANXIETY‼️ And it WORKED! 💯📣 I married a man that had cheated on me, keeping that secret from my closest friends out of shame. 😣💔💔💔 👩‍🎓👩‍🎓👩‍🎓I got two college degrees because I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted so I needed that security, that validation. I rushed through both … Read More

Stop doing things you don’t want to do…

If you want your business to be EASY, make the MOST $$$, and call in the SOULMATE clients… or have a relationship that drives you crazy (in a good way)   You need to stop pretending.  Stop doing things you don’t want to do.  Stop trying to please everyone.  Stop trying to be the best at something you hate.  Stop … Read More

You COULD have what you want, but you keep going back…

You keep going back to dip your toe in. You stay in the relationship where you KNOW you are unhappy, but if anyone asks, you’ll defend your decision to stay. They don’t mean it. They said they were sorry. They asked for another chance. They are ‘trying’ They have all of these other things that you don’t want to lose … Read More

Why you still aren’t showing up…

Are you going to going to keep sitting on the sidelines? Are you going to keep waiting for your circumstances to change? Are you going to keep blaming your personal life? Are you going to keep blaming that big failure? Are you going to keep staying in your pain? Are you going to keep accepting the reasons that have been … Read More

Are you waiting until you have your shit together?

Last year I slayed! I had enough of my bullshit in my business, in my relationship and with my body – ok, well maybe my body was pretty legit but I still wanted to get to the next level. I had just gotten out of my relationship with my ex and decided I was going to work out my relationship … Read More

Don’t Forget to Live

I just got back from Puerto Rico where I met a guy I instantly had a soul connection with. We were both there to transition our lives in one way or another. We both went on faith, knowing we just needed to go. We spent two days talking about our lives and all the things and at the end of … Read More