Men don’t find strong women intimidating

The High-Value Woman is a lie Men don’t find you intimidating Men don’t find strong women intimidating The problem is most women don’t know how to be strong in their feminine Most women are always in their masculine. They are running businesses. They are building empires. They are at the top of their game. And none of that is intimidating … Read More

Manifesting your soulmate doesn’t fix your depression

Trigger warning – “I want to die.” I’ve struggled with depression in my past (in my 20’s when I married a man that had cheated on me and was in a career I hated) but it wasn’t like this. And I remember my mom having it most of her life. it wasn’t like what I’ve been experiencing the last two … Read More

The Ultimate Guide for Getting Over Your Ex For Good

Nichole Carlson, Flip the Switch, Manifestation Coach

Are you still in love with him or are you feeling rejected? How to get over your ex for good Ideally what we want is to be with our soulmate or whatever version of that you believe in. We want a deep love and connection with another person that lasts. For the sake of this guide, I am going to … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Manifesting Your Soulmate

Nichole Carlson, Flip the Switch, Manifestation Coach

How to manifest your soulmate Become a vibrational match for what you want.  If you truly want to manifest an emotionally available man who’s ready to commit there are a few things that you need to do.   Overall you need to become a vibrational match for what you want. What does this mean? It means you need to be … Read More

The Ultimate Guide For Manifesting Money in Your Business

8-Steps to Manifesting: How I went from making nothing last year to exploding my business this year and to now being on track for 1 mill next year… Business coach I was exhausted. And it wasn’t that I couldn’t DO more but my soul REFUSED to do more. Somewhere deep in my soul, I knew that there was an easier … Read More

No other coach does the work I do on the level I do

?? In my 20’s I thought I had the perfect life, the perfect marriage, the perfect career -but I was miserable because I had married a man I didn’t trust and I was in a career that felt like it was sucking the soul out of me. I felt empty and confused. I kept thinking… “It’s not like I have … Read More

[NEW PODCAST EPISODE] #64: How to have it all and be happy

Nichole Carlson, Flip the Switch

​We are always achieving, achieving, achieving and we KEEP putting off our happiness – sure we are still ‘happy’ but not really. We keep forcing ourselves to do more and to wait to have what we really want. When we shift this and do something because it makes us happy and we allow good things to come in NOW, everything … Read More