Are You Trying to Push Through Stress, Overwhelm, and Anxiety?

What needs to change for you today?

At some point we had a system that worked and we followed it. Is it still working for you?

Are there bad habits that are making you unhappy?

For me- yes! I finally took a vacation last week after being run down and burnt out. What did this do to me? I have chronic pain in my ASS when I sit. Yes. I literally cannot sit.

I’ve been going to doctors for over six months to fix this. I’ve gone through the MOST AGGRESSIVE (read: leaving my ass in bruises!) to fix this.


If you think you can push through… ‘take it one more day’ … NO! Don’t do it. Yes I’m giving advice to those of you who are already hearing the WARNING SIGNS.

You’ve told me you want to work on your business, be with your families, travel, have fun…. ASK YOURSELF: what if you couldn’t sit. What if you couldn’t spend all day on your social media?

Make your plans now. If you aren’t sick- great! Don’t wait. It will get worse!!

That quiet voice you are shutting out WILL GET LOUDER. You won’t win this (I’m stubborn too!).

Please! Make your plans. Listen to that quiet voice. Do not wait until you break!

I am healthy- or I thought I was. I was in a body building competition last year and won. You think you are stronger? Yeah you probably are! But that quiet voice is being nice… it won’t stay nice.

Love yourself. Invest in yourself. Figure it out now. Get the help.

You don’t want your life to become graston treatments!

Please comment below What are you going to change to make room for what you really want?


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