Are You in a Losing Streak? Here’s How to Turn it Around

The other day I was coaching an athlete who was stuck in a losing streak. He had 5 losses in a row and the next day was going to be another game for him.

He was having a hard time focusing because of some outside distractions.

I coached him through it by getting him to talk about his past wins, what he did to win the game, and how it felt to win that game.

While he was talking about the game, his face got brighter and more energetic. By the time we got done talking. You could see he was ready.

The next day he won the game.

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Small successes lead the path to bigger successes.

Many people have a mindset that is completely working against them. They find themselves in a situation where they know what they want, and they are trying to achieving their goals, but they never reach them.

I have been there.

I think we all have.


Most of the time, we allow our failures to stress us and that creates a barrier to reaching them. The sooner you realize your stress is weighing you down, the better.

We’ve seen people who were once resourceful in their career, athletes who were once glorified, but then all that changed when they couldn’t match their previous performance anymore. Research shows that when you emphasize on your failures, your productivity is bound to go down.

Throughout history, the most successful individuals have been those who use good things to make more good things. Such people figure out how to build greater success from the little success that they have achieved.

Good news is that successful people aren’t chosen; they are just normal people who make many right choices. One of the right choices they make is the choice not to concentrate on their failures.

You can be one of these people.

It all begins with defining what success is to you. If you don’t define what success means to you, you keep yourself stuck in a lack of clarity.

If you want to get out of being stuck, figure out what you want.

Start by finding out what is essential for you in your personal life, health, and career.

Learn to set aside your ego and your guilt and think about the perfect life or success you’d want to achieve. Focusing on your failures makes you forget the things that you have achieved in the past, and it may rob you of your self-confidence. As a result, you may reach a point where you don’t even trust yourself anymore.


When your past failures are weighing you down, stop and think about your life so far and list your achievements or some things you are grateful for. This list will help you realize that you are still a champion and that you only fail because your mind is corrupted by the few failures you’ve suffered in your life.

If your performance is getting worse, stop and identify the cause of your poor performance.

Do you need to change your strategy? Is there another way to reach your goal? Is there someone who knows how to accomplish what you are after?

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Whatever it is that is getting in your way of success can be fixed, but you must examine it and not look at it as a failure.

Sometimes we not only settle on our labels, but we also cling to them. Sometimes the problem stems from our past successes. We cling to them so much that we fear that nothing we do can match up to our past.

Don’t be like the high-school quarterback or the prom queen who still cling to their past so much that they feel they can’t match their success.
They remain in the past. Always be looking to the future.

To wrap it up:

  1. Use are failures as a lesson to know what to improve.
  2. Figure out is you need to make a strategy change or a mindset change.
  3. If you need to change your mindset, focus on using your past successes as proof you can succeed once again.

Let me know if you’ve ever reached a goal in your life and thought, “If I can do this, what else could I do?”


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