The results my clients get have literally saved marriages from the brink of divorce, stopped a man with a gun in his hand from killing himself, helped heal many people from past trauma including multiple rape and abuse, helped people build businesses and claim financial freedom so they can watch their children grow up... 

Please fill out this short application so I am able to determine if I am able to help you and if we are a good fit to work together.

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  • Private 1-1 Mentorship: $5,000 for 4 months. Group programs may be available at a different investment.



Fabi Paolini...From $20k months and burnt out to on track for 7-figures and working less than ever

$20K months may seem like a dream, but underneath she was falling apart. When we met, she was breaking. She was totally overwhelmed and overworked and burnt out. The worst part was she felt like a bad mom, bad wife, and bad entrepreneur. With all of her success, she still felt empty because she was missing so much of her life.

Less than two months after we first spoke she hit $20K cash on the 1st day of the month and by the end of the month she was over $42k for the month. Four months later she was on track to make a million dollars over the next 12 months. But the REAL transformation was in her life.

She was actually relaxed, happy and enjoying her work. She stopped running the numbers in her head all day.

When she turned off her computer at 7 she stopped thinking about work and was present with her husband and her little girl. And she started trusting herself and allowing the money and clients to flow in.

What did I do for her that made the difference and took the stress away? I helped her flip a switch that each of us needs to throw, a switch that's inside of us.

And it might not be $20k months for you, but there's still something that's keeping you from the next level.


Courtney Harris...At a career crossroads and started her business

I was at a career crossroads and in the middle of a big time of transition. I realized I can create the business I have envisioned, and I have lots of tools to do so.

If someone is struggling, spending time just thinking/reflecting on struggles/needs/solutions is helpful (as opposed to avoiding or denying); talking or writing ideas out is empowering and makes it more real. I would recommend this to get inspired and motivated!

Barbara Castro...From struggling with money mindset to taking action in her business

I wasn’t able to dream because I didn’t feel like I had the funds to dream. That in turn, didn’t let me take action to follow through on what I wanted. After working with Nichole I let myself open to the idea of dreaming which led to taking action. I liked that I walked away with real action items to help me through the process.

For me, talking things out with someone who has been in my shoes helped me see better, get out of my own way just enough to take action and see results.

Nickolas Singh...From fear and indecision to moving to NY and assisting Gary Vaynerchuk

Nichole is incredible at what she does. She helped me discover that my problems aren’t actually problems, they are really just challenges, challenges that are meant for me to grow so that I have more to give with.

What is interesting about Nichole is her unique approach to the way things work and understanding for what's really going on with people oppose to what most of us are conditioned to believe and understand about life. She has been an incredible guiding hand in my growth in life!

Deanna Carrillo...From lack of focus to a clear business blueprint

When we started, I lacked focus and was underestimating the impact of my moods on my productivity. But then I had a clearer idea of what to start with, and a better plan for moving forward.

I really appreciated that you took the time to understand my particular situation. The individual approach made all the difference.

I would recommend this, because I came away with specific strategies to try that were tailored to my business. I’m not a typical entrepreneur and my business isn’t typical either. 

Anais Garcia... From fear to starting her coaching business

I was my own obstacle. I didn’t believe that I could do what I really wanted to and I was stuck in confusion. Your coaching allowed me to be okay with my passion. For so long I had been denying it, and I no longer do that. I now embrace it. I took a leap for the first time.

A benefit to having a coach is having someone with you who can see the big picture, and being able to talk to someone who has already built a coaching business and be able to ask questions surrounding the “HOW TO” do this for oneself.

Aceadia Huang... From fear of judgement to empowered

I wasn’t living true to myself and I was behaving in negative ways in order to get love and approval. I trusted your advice because you’ve already been through numerous experiences in your life so you were able to give me an insight I never saw in myself. I knew all of the ‘right’ answers to fix the things in my life, but could never understand how to apply them. 

Jon Freeman...Burnt out and loss of purpose to focused and driven

I was feeling drained of purpose in my business. I hit a real barrier that made me wonder if I should continue with my startup plans and you quickly and kindly dug in to find the root cause of my lost motivation and got me going again. 

Andy Bevan...Overweight, single and depressed to getting a six pack, promoted at work and engaged to be married

I lost track of being able to do which would dazzle And now I really believe I’m going to… 

Rene De la Mora...From unfocused to driven in business

Nichole has been instrumental in making some key life decisions that are helping me reach my goals. She dug deep into my thought process and routine, broke it down, and relates very well personally. I’ve made some small, yet extreme changes that have become a part of my success, and I can attribute that to Nichole and her approach. 

Hal Wolpo...From self-doubt to clarity

Nichole was able to help me recognize there were things I wanted to change in my life and was a catalyst for setting up a plan to putting these changes in motion.

Maranatha Poirier...From lacking a business strategy to having a clear vision

Hands down the best coaching I’ve ever had. She started out by asking a series of questions and guiding me through a process to identify and define a passion, that I can build on.

Nichole clearly understands what it takes to be an entrepreneur in the internet age and how to go about making that happen. She helps guide you through an actionable plan for outlining the idea, as well as being able to hire out talent to build this idea, and work from anywhere very clearly.


Create a life that makes you want to jump out of bed with excitement every morning, create programs in your biz that you absolutely are in love with, be able to call in soul mate clients easily, make more money because you are working less, attract people that light you up in your personal life, and...

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