Yes! He lost 65 pounds in 15 weeks without a diet, but THAT wasn’t the miracle

When Andy first started working with me he was a very successful software engineer. In fact, his company valued him so much that when he asked to move within the company from the UK to Austin, Texas, they made it happen for him.

But honestly his career was about the only thing he really had going for him.

Because he had spent so much time in his career, his relationship and his health both fell to the side and he found himself on a downward spiral after his girlfriend walked out.

He had given up on everything outside of his career.

He was overweight...spending most nights in the bar drinking, smoking and of course, eating the worst foods you can imagine for you.

He didn't care about himself and he certainly didn't care about his health.

He was desperately looking for some way to suppress the feelings of depression and loneliness he felt after his girlfriend left.

The worst part was, he knew this was not who he was. He was confident, driven and relentless at work, but this no longer carried over in his personal life.

After his break up, he felt self doubt that was carrying over into all areas of his life and he knew that it was at the point where it was even holding him back at work - the one thing that he had going for him.

His confidence was so low, that it was hard for him to imagine a better life and his self-worth was so low that he didn’t see much of a point.

He believed that no one would EVER want to be with him - which perpetuated the situation.

He decided his biggest problem was his weight and so that’s where he wanted to start. And of course, we both knew that to do that, it was going to be more about the mindset and self-worth issues than the diet and exercise.

So when we first spoke he had a lot of doubts if it was possible for HIM, but he saw the work that I did and knew that it was possible and he was desperate enough to ‘give it a go,’ as he would often say.

And somewhere… in the back of his mind he thought, “If I could lose the weight then MAYBE someone would want to be with me.”

But he was never confident enough to admit that until later.

But like most high-achievers, once he decided that he was going to lose the weight, he was all in. He was diligent.

He lost the 65 pounds because:

  • We figured out what he really wanted and why it was important.
  • We worked on his beliefs around what was possible for him.
  • We flipped a switch inside of him that allowed him to be more driven and motivated to keep going.
  • We created more energy by changing his thought patterns and emotions so he could stay focused.
  • And we created a vision of what it looked like to be that better version of himself.

And although these things sound simple, they are not easy. Most people know what they need to do but still don’t do it.

And once he lost the weight, it changed him in other ways…

He was able to become that better version of him. He could see new possibilities for himself. He even switched to vaping and then eventually quit smoking altogether.

And he found his old passion for road biking once again.

Because of our work together he gained more confidence and self-worth. He felt like he could accomplish more things with his life. He got a promotion at work and even started leading bicycle tours around Austin.

And not only that...

He found the woman of his dreams and asked her to marry him.

She said yes!

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