$20K months may seem like a dream, but underneath she was falling apart

On the surface, everything looked perfect. She had rebuilt her business from nothing. In fact, she had surpassed her success in her old business as far as her income and her reach. On top of that, her business was now an established authority.

Her family was perfect. She was also married to her high school sweetheart and had a beautiful two-year-old daughter who she was able to stay at home with while she worked.

But inside she was a disaster.

She was always working. Even after she turned off a computer at night to be with her family, her mind was still spinning with all that she had to do. She was constantly running numbers to see how many clients she needed to hit her income goals for the month.

But every month she was starting back at zero and it was exhausting. She was always feeling like she needed more clients but wondering where she would be able to find the time and energy to serve them. She knew she was caught in a cycle but didn't know how to make things easier for herself and break her upper limit.

And all though she was implementing all of the well-known systems in the industry, she wasn't able to break 20K months even though she knew others were doing 50k+ easily with the same systems.

And her stress was showing up in every area of her life.

She wasn’t able to shut off work, so she couldn’t be totally present with her family.

She wasn’t paying attention to her health so she had been slowly gaining weight.

She was stressed out and overwhelmed and she wasn’t taking the time to fully take care of her emotional wellbeing.

And while she was very successful in her business, she still wasn’t reaching her full potential financially and on top of that…

She felt like a bad wife, a bad mom and a bad entrepreneur.

Basically, even with all of her success, she still felt empty because she was missing so much of her life.

Oh you think this isn't you?

Well, let me tell you something....

I see so many people struggling with the same thing on different levels. It might not be $20k months for you, but there's still something that's keeping you from the next level.

And you are filled with anxiety and tossing and turning each night, worrying or thinking about all the things you have to do.

And even though things “aren’t that bad,” it’s impacting every area of your life.

Here’s the thing…

She didn't come to me with a relationship problem.

She didn't come to me with a health problem.

She didn't seem to have a “real problem” in her business.

She came to me because she was completely burnt out, and honestly didn't know how she could keep going at that pace.

So we worked on her in her business.

We flipped a switch that changed everything for her.

And through the work we did, she not only doubled her income the following month but she is now on track to make 1 million over the next year...


The REAL transformation was in her life.

Our work together meant…

She was actually relaxed, happy and enjoying her work.

She stopped running the numbers in her head all day.

When she turned off her computer at 7 she stopped thinking about work and was present with her husband and her little girl.

And she started trusting herself and allowing the money and clients to flow in.

She leveled up in her business. Yes.

She leveled up in her relationship both with her husband and her daughter. (If leveling up is a thing in a relationship)

And she leveled up in her health because she automatically wanted to eat healthier and start working out. It was easy for her to do that after our work together.

What did I do for her that made the difference and took the stress away?

I helped her flip a switch that each of us needs to throw, a switch that's inside of us.

You can feel it, right?

You know you can be the person you are working so damn hard to become, and you know that you're getting in your own way.

The key is to figure out not just HOW but WHY you're getting in your own way, and what needs to happen for you to actually flip that switch.

It's hard to see, and even harder to do this, on your own.

That's where I go deep with my clients.

Because once you flip that switch, EVERYTHING changes for you - not just your business.

You see… when you can’t see your future, I can. I can see what you truly want your life to be like.

And not because I have some psychic ability, but because I know there is a greatness in you that you can’t see and you didn't even know is possible for you.

I can see what needs to change for you, to make that happen.

I can see when you are out of alignment.

I can see the story that is blocking you from having it all.

I can see the action you need to take to now to be happy.

I can see what will scare you, but give you results.

And you’ve been taking the actions that everyone else has, but you haven’t gotten the same results they have.

That's where I go deep with my clients.

Because once you flip that switch, EVERYTHING changes for you - not just your business.

This is a story about my client, but this post is REALLY about you.

Where are you successful, but know there is still another level, but you are struggling to get to it?

What parts of your life get less attention because you are focused on one area of your life?

And what is that costing you?

And what happens if you keep putting those other parts of your life on the sidelines?

How long before it gets bad enough you can’t ignore it anymore?

And how much longer before you totally burn out? (because this is the pain point for most of my clients)

See, all of these things can be easily taken care of.

Do you want to wait until it really gets to be a problem?

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