What is Coaching?

Coaching is working with someone who knows your business and can provide a group of strategies, systems and mindsets that will help you shave off years of learning.

Business coaching is 20% strategy and 80% mindset.

Here are two of the big mistakes I see business owners making right now…

• They believe they are missing knowledge, a system, a strategy or some outside resource. While this may be true…
• After the excitement and “newness” wears off, they discover they are struggling with their own motivation (or lack of), their own discipline (or lack of) and their own persistence (or lack of).

Even the most successful entrepreneurs deal with fears and frustrations.

• Self-worth/self-doubt
• Money relationship issues
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Feeling overwhelmed
• Lack of clarity/vision
• Lack of direction
• Changing businesses or multiple businesses
• Lack of time
• Lack of focus
• Inconsistent income

• Self-sabotage patterns
• Stress
• Un-Productiveness
• Accountability
• Faith
• Lack of trust/no process
• Fear of failure
• Fear of rejection
• Fear of success
• Distractions
• Emotional control

Most entrepreneurs struggle silently…not knowing where to turn.

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I use psychology along with my own experiences of in-depth, 1 on 1 coaching, to help you understand what is going on with the patterns that are repeating in your life and business.

Coaching is not advice or recommendations.

Think of it as a mentor giving you the direct pathways to success so that you shave years of learning, avoid trial and error, and reduce the struggle from the journey of achieving your goals.


I’ve done extensive one-on-one work with clients.

I have previously only worked with one or two clients for a period of 8 weeks to 12 months in life intervention situations.

But that has not allowed me to have the reach and impact where I can really make a difference on a broader scale. I want to be able to give YOU results.

Every business owner struggles with the same stresses, but to different degrees. 

When you apply for a strategy call with me, you’ll fill out the application to help you describe what your current challenges and struggles are.

After I get the application and review it, I’ll set up a time to go over exactly what is going on behind the self-sabotaging behaviors and emotions you are dealing with.

I will show you why you seem to be stuck in certain patterns and then give you a guide that will help you increase your income, your freedom, your health, and your happiness.

And you will be given actionable steps to move forward as soon as we get off of the phone.

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Meet My Students

Nichole Carlson Coaching Testimonial

I was at a career crossroads and in the middle of a big time of transition. I realized I can create the business I have envisioned, and I have lots of tools to do so.

The Skype call was the most connecting part of the experience. Being heard/seen helps! The e-mails before and after the calls, helped frame and create the content for this call, so those were helpful, too, but seeing it come together in a call was the most impactful.

If someone is struggling, spending time just thinking/reflecting on struggles/needs/solutions is helpful (as opposed to avoiding or denying); talking or writing ideas out is empowering and makes it more real. I would recommend this to get inspired, motivated, and serious about your business idea. [Business coaching]

Nichole is incredible at what she does. Our breakthrough call helped me discover that my problems aren’t actually problems, they are really just challenges, challenges that are meant for me to grow so that i have more to give with.

What is interesting about Nichole is her unique approach to the way things work and understanding for whats really going on with people oppose to what most of us are conditioned to believe and understand about life. She has been an incredible guiding hand in my growth in life! [Business coaching]

Nickolas Singh, Nickolas Singh
Nichole Carlson Coaching Testimonial

When we started, I lacked focus and was underestimating the impact of my moods on my productivity. But then I had a clearer idea of what to start with, and a better plan for moving forward.

I really appreciated that you took the time to understand my particular situation. I’d read plenty of articles about  entrepreneurship that were mostly “you can do it! fear is the enemy!” that did nothing for me because they just seemed like boilerplate motivational poster slogans.
The individual approach made all the difference.

I would recommend this, because I came away with specific strategies to try that were tailored to my business. I’m not a typical entrepreneur and my business isn’t typical either. [Business coaching]

Deanna Carrillo, Deanna Carrillo Jewelry
Nichole Carlson Coaching Testimonial
I wasn’t able to dream because I didn’t feel like I had the funds to dream. That in turn, didn’t let me take action to follow through on what I wanted. After working with her I let myself open to the idea of dreaming which led to taking action. I liked that I walked away with real action items to help me through the process.

For me, talking things out with someone who has been in my shoes helped me see better, get out of my own way just enough to take action and see results.

I would recommend this process for someone if they need to get out of our own way.  [Business coaching]

Barbara Castro, Nando's Cookies
Nichole Carlson Coaching Testimonial

I was my own obstacle. I didn’t believe that I could do what I really wanted to and I was stuck in confusion. Your coaching allowed me to be okay with my passion. For so long I had been denying it, and I no longer do that. I now embrace it. I took a leap for the first time.

A benefit to having a coach is having someone with you who can see the big picture, and being able to talk to someone who has already built a coaching business and be able to ask questions surrounding the “HOW TO” do this for oneself.

I would recommend the strategy call to someone else. I got so much out of it, and am sure that others will to. If anything they will at least have someone to be open with.  [Business coaching]

Anais Garcia, Anais Garcia Coaching
Nichole Carlson Coaching Testimonial

I wasn’t living true to myself and I was behaving in negative ways in order to get love and approval. I trusted your advice because you’ve already been through numerous experiences in your life so you were able to give me an insight I never saw in myself. I knew all of the ‘right’ answers to fix the things in my life, but could never understand how to apply them.  [Life coaching]

Aceadia Huang, Aceadia Huang Coaching
Nichole Carlson Coaching Testimonial

I was feeling drained of purpose in my business. I hit a real barrier that made me wonder if I should continue with my startup plans and you quickly and kindly dug in to find the root cause of my lost motivation and got me going again.  [Business coaching]

Jon Freeman, Deep Demension
Nichole Carlson Coaching Testimonial

I had a great life but I was missing a sense of direction.
She helped me work through a lot of limiting beliefs about myself that I didn’t even realize I had, helped me set some clear goals and make the changes I needed to reach those goals. I have a new zest for life. [Business & life coaching]

Without her I would still be stuck in this uncomfortable stagnant place. She helped me push myself and achieve some things I really never thought were possible.  [Business & life coaching]

Jenna Webster, Realtor
Nichole Carlson Coaching Testimonial

The main benefit of the course was to be able to create organic traffic from interested people that didn’t know my business existed. [Business Coaching]

Jorge Ortiz, Jorge Ortiz
Nichole Carlson Coaching Testimonial

I lost track of being able to do which would dazzle And now I really believe I’m going to… [Health & life coaching]

What I learned helped me get a better idea of how I can build trust and credibility with potential customers. [Business Coaching]

Shotaro Yatsu, Urban Eli
Nichole Carlson Coaching Testimonial

Nichole has been instrumental in making some key life decisions that are helping me reach my goals. She dug deep into my thought process and routine, broke it down, and relates very well personally. I’ve made some small, yet extreme changes that have become a part of my success, and I can attribute that to Nichole and her approach. [Business & health coaching]

Rene De La Mora, TipCow
Nichole Carlson Coaching Testimonial

Nichole was able to help me recognize there were things I wanted to change in my life and was a catalyst for setting up a plan to putting these changes in motion. [Business]

Hal Wolpo, Hal Wolpo's Music
Nichole Carlson Coaching Testimonial

Hands down the best class I’ve ever been to. She started out by asking a series of questions and guiding me through a process to identify and define a passion, that I can build on

Nichole clearly understands what it takes to be an entrepreneur in the internet age and how to go about making that happen. She helps guide you through an actionable plan for outlining the idea, as well as being able to hire out talent to build this idea, and work from anywhere very clearly.

I was a little apprehensive about an upsell, but that is clearly not what she’s about. [Business Coaching]

Maranatha Poirier, Maranatha Poirier Consulting

I cannot believe that today is the end of the 8 weeks cycle!!  I know a big part of me being where I am today is because I was definitely ready to make some changes and then you coached me and held me accountable along the way. I feel like the money spent for the last two months was the best that I have ever spent.  The value of what I got from you far outweighs the amount. I also feel that I am worth the investment I made also. [Health coaching]

Trisha Cannon, Health coaching

I hated my life situation I was afraid and didn’t know how to change. Nichole told me I was my only obstacle and now I’ve been able to follow my dreams. [Life Coaching]

Cady Lindsey, Life coaching

I want you to meet Andy. He considered himself lucky.

Andy has a great family. He has a rewarding career. He has everything we have been told, since grade school, that would give us happiness.

But… was he happy?

Here is the reality:

Andy, despite having the “American Dream,” had been depressed for the last 10 years. Even worse — he had lost hope. All that time and hurt was due to one thing… his weight.

He believed he would never be fit. With my coaching, Andy lost 65 pounds in 15 weeks.

Most people would tell Andy “try this diet” or “learn how to exercise”.

But, of course, he knew how to do all these things…

What he really needed was coaching on belief, confidence, and mental barriers. Not simple tactics like “run for 15 minutes a day.”

He needed the foundation of success and progress, not the tidbits which usually confuse us and hold us back.

Because, if you think about it, we all know how to lose weight…

Don’t you?

We just fail at executing because our mindset holds us back

This Was Eric

Eric had been morbidly obese for most of his life.

He was on his way to diabetes and heart disease.

And, if things could not be worse, his sister just died at the age of 50… and he knew he would be next…

Let’s just cut to the chase:

With my coaching Eric lost 120 pounds in 8 months.

He needed someone to convince him it was possible. As well, he needed someone who could show him that even if you have been obese most of your life— it is possible to make that change.

During his transformation he learned to cook, started taking dance lessons, and even joined an acting group here in Austin.

You see.. success is possible if you know how to break the barriers which hold most of us back.

It’s about breaking through the barriers of doubt and disillusionment to reach hope and empowerment.