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What Client’s Say

“Just made your veggie mix you taught me to make – yummy!”
Beverly Grayce Reed
“I absolutely do feel healthier. Just dropping those few pounds. So far, I have made such a big difference – mentally and physically. I am looking forward to getting more fit and just feeling more alive! I can’t believed how sluggish I felt before and I thought the answer was another soda, cookie or starchy pasta to give that quick burst of energy.”
Trish Cannon
“Hey, I want to thank you! I lost over 10 lbs since I last saw you. Drinking only water and eating the stuff you told me to plus working out a ton. I’m at about 189 lbs from 200 lbs since we last spoke on February 18, 2014″
Brandon Todd
“I met Nichole about 2 years ago. She introduce me to a diet program that helped me lose 25 lbs in less than two months. In a year of exercising and healthy eating, I shaved off a total of 40 lbs. It has made a huge difference in my life. I feel more energetic and am now living a very active lifestyle. I recommend her as a diet and exercise coach. Her program works!”
Carlos Ramos
“Thank you Nichole! Nothing was helping me drop weight until I talked to you. You are helping change people’s lives! Because I did not know better, I was loading my protein shakes with sugar, LOL!
Doug Smith
“Thank you Nichole! You’ve been awesome! It has seemed easy”
Eric McVicker
“Nichole is an AWESOME person! She really is motivated to help others achieve their fitness goals. She keeps me accountable. She’s definitely my fitness angel!”
Marlina Fierro Reese
I know that I can continue to incorporate everything you have given me and keep moving forward. I feel like the money I spent for the last 2 months, was the best that I have ever spent. The value of what I got from you, far outweighs the amount and just I feel that I am worth of the investment made also.  Thank you Nichole for investing in me! Thank you also for being a friend!
Trisha Cannon
“So far I have learned that I eat WAY more sugar than I thought. And I eat WAY to many carbs. I was eating more carbs than I thought”
Robyn Maria
“Hello Nichole! Thank you so much! I’ve been really good! I’m down to 4 lbs from last Wednesday”
Greg Testerman
“Your inspiration stretches out over Australia! I’ve been swimming every week since I got back.. And riding my bike to work!”
Trisha Cannon
“Hey, Nichole! Thank you so much for your advice! That day it changed my life. My trip has been wonderful. I have you to thank for the push!”
Sharon Reed
I cannot believe that today, is the end of the 8 weeks cycle! I know that a big part of me being where I am today is because I was definitely ready to make some changes but then Nichole stepped up and coached me on eating and exercise and held me accountable all along the way. I have learned so much and been empowered to take charge of my eating habits and getting daily movement and exercise and make it part of my daily life. And on top of all that, I enjoy it!
Trisha Cannon
“Thank you for being such a good motivator and staying positive all the time!”
Victoria Ayala